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    Hong Kong cements commitment to regional cooperation in arbitration

    31.01.2019 |Commercial Disputes

    The Hong Kong government has begun the year by affirming its commitment to regional collaboration in international arbitration and mediation through signing a Memorandum of Cooperation (“MoC”) with the Ministry of Justice of Japan.

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    Are you owed money by a UAE company?

    19.12.2018 |Commercial Disputes

    Debt recovery in the UAE is of high interest both locally and abroad. In this article, we explore some of the tools available to a creditor, which may help prevent the need for full legal proceedings.

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    60 years of Enforceable Arbitration, it’s now time for Mediation

    02.10.2018 |Commercial Disputes

    On 16 July 2018, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law held a celebratory event in New York, marking the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the New York Convention.

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    Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

    04.06.2018 |Sanctions, Trade, Shipping, Insurance, Energy & Infrastructure, Commercial Disputes, Corporate & Commercial , Aviation, Finance, Sanctions

    Refer here for updates on subsequent legal implications.

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    Creation of an International Chamber within the Paris Court of Appeal

    28.03.2018 |Commercial Disputes

    “France is back!” seems to be the recurring theme behind many new French government initiatives aimed at attracting more investment into France, and to try to benefit from the economic and legal uncertainty resulting from the UK’s planned departure from the European Union.

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    Digging deep: utilising available legal tools for effective debt recovery

    01.03.2018 |Commercial Disputes

    The problem of debt recovery in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) remains of high interest to our clients both locally and abroad. In this article we want to highlight the tools that are available for debt recovery if you are prepared to put time and effort in it.

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    Our dispute resolution team played a pivotal part in insolvency law precedent

    05.12.2017 |Commercial Disputes, Personal Litigation

    Last week saw a first for the Administrative Court regarding the procedure in which an application was made by a Trustee in Bankruptcy. The case of Simmonds v Pearce [2017] EWHC 3126 ended in the approved judgment of the Divisional Court following the first application for committal to prison based on the ‘Certification Procedure’ under CPR 81.15.

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    Qatar Q&A

    07.07.2017 |Aviation, Corporate & Commercial , Commercial Disputes, Energy & Infrastructure, Finance, Insurance, Trade, Shipping

    We have collated the most commonly asked questions and answers below, as well as some points to bear in mind, to provide a handy reference point as first port of call in case any queries relating to the Qatar situation arise.