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Ince Gordon Dadds is committed to providing clients with regular updates on legislative and industry changes in the form of publications, e-briefs and newsletters.

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    UK cracks down on investor visas

    06.12.2018 |Immigration , Business Immigration, Regulatory Solutions

    The Home Office has today announced the suspension of the Tier 1 (Investor) immigration route into the United Kingdom with effect from Friday 7 December 2018, as part of a crackdown on financial crime and money laundering.

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    All Change for Asset Managers

    19.07.2018 |Regulatory Solutions

    From 1st April next year, Authorised Fund Managers (AFMs) will be subject to new measures as set out by the Financial conduct Authority (FCA) in its April policy statement, where it specified changes to the [FCA] handbook.

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    Digitalisation is increasing the business risk from money laundering

    22.05.2018 |Regulatory Solutions

    Ince Gordon Dadds, the legal and professional services firm, is urging businesses to get smarter in how they handle money laundering or face the wrath of HMRC with some hefty financial fines.

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    Finding a Home for the Fourth Money Laundering Directive

    14.06.2017 |Regulatory Solutions

    Last year the House of Commons published a report on proceeds of crime which made alarming comments in relation to money laundering. The findings of the report were that the processes in place in many real estate firms is insufficient.

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    Tesco’s £250 Million Mistake You Need to Avoid

    12.04.2017 |Regulatory Solutions

    This week Tesco finally agreed to a £129 million fine for overstating its profits in 2014, thus avoiding prosecution.

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    On the Audit Trail

    07.04.2014 |Regulatory Solutions

    OFR offers greater flexibility to law firms in how they can achieve high standards through the new SRA handbook and a compliance plan. Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs) and Compliance Officers for Finance and Administration (COFAs) are key players as “champions of legal risk management”.