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David is qualified in Malta as well as in England and Wales, and has over the 15 years of his legal career specialised in transactional shipping, aviation and oil and gas law. David spent 11 years in private practice in Malta and London as well as four years as the Head of Legal of a major shipyard in the Middle East.

He advises clients worldwide on finance, leasing, and other corporate/commercial issues relating to assets that float or fly. Twice nominated for General Counsel of the Year in regional awards, David is also the founder of MentorMeet, a pro bono mentoring and soft skills training programme for in-house lawyers in the UAE and co-founder of AssetSmart, a blockchain start-up looking at application of DLT and smart contracts to the shipping and aviation industries.


>  Advising a Middle East based shipowner on the restructuring of a number of cross-collateralised banking facilities.

>  Advising Norwegian banks on English law security over shipbuilding contracts and refund guarantees.

>  Advising Norwegian shipowners on the bankability of their shipbuilding contracts and refund guarantees.

>  Advising Greek shipowners on the restructuring of their newbuild portfolio.

>  Advising a US based P.E. fund on a joint venture with Greek shipowners.

>  Negotiating shipbuilding contracts (on behalf of shipowners) with Korean, Chinese, Indian and Singaporean shipyards.

>  Negotiating ship repair contracts.

>  Advising multiple owners (both sellers and buyers) on ship sale and purchase transactions.

>  Advising a Dutch bank on the financing of a portfolio of containers.

>  Drafting and negotiating bareboat charterparties (including some with purchase options attached), time charterparties and contracts of affreightment.

>  Advising a South African based shipowner on the relocation of their business to Singapore.


>  Advising lessors and airlines on both wet and dry leases for commercial aircraft.

>  Advising lessors on the purchase of both new and second hand commercial aircraft.

>  Advising companies on the purchase and financing of corporate jets.

>  Advising banks on the financing of new and second-hand aircraft (including facilities backed by Export Credit Agencies).

Oil and gas (and renewables)

>  Drafting and negotiation of various rig-building contracts.

>  Negotiation of various EPC contracts for offshore assets (including turrets, jackets, offshore platforms and buoys).

>  Negotiation of EPC sub-contracts for the construction of HVDC platforms destined for the North Sea.

>  Drafting and negotiation of conversion contracts for FPSOs.

>  Advising a Japanese owner on a long term charter for an FSRU.

>  Negotiation of FSU and FSRU conversion contracts.

>  Managing litigation in relation to FPSO conversion contract disputes.


>  Advising high net worth individuals on newbuild contracts for large luxury yachts.

>  Advising French and Icelandic banks on the financing of large luxury yachts.

>  Advising a UK bank on the financing of small and medium sized yachts (≤25 metres)

>  Advising high net worth individuals on the sale and purchase of large (45 metres +) luxury yachts 

>  Advising interior designer on interior design contracts for a 56m superyacht

>  Advising high net worth individuals on technical supervision contracts for large luxury yacht newbuild projects

>  Registration of large luxury yachts in various registries (including Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and Malta)

>  Advising on drydocking and repair contracts for large luxury yachts

Shipping, Aviation, Yachts and Superyachts

2003 (Malta), 2007 (England and Wales)

Education (University):
University of South Hampton

English, French, Italian, Maltese, Spanish